Whoever said DeFi and Web3 investing is not for everybody...
That may not be true anymore.

Swipe to invest, skip and add projects to your watchlist

Invest across multiple chains in a single click, using one wallet

Buy any crypto easily with 30+ fiat currencies

Enjoy full security of your assets in a 100% decentralized, non-custodial ecosystem

Earn Dyor tokens in-app by engaging in challenges and community activities

Network, collaborate and learn with Dyor’s community of Web3 investors

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How can I check my position in the waitlist?

To check your position in the waitlist, visit dyor.exchange/early-access-waitlist and enter your email ID.

Will I get rewards for referring my friends to Dyor Decentralized Investment App?

Yes. For every successful referral, you will move up the waitlist, and our top waitlist members will be rewarded from a pool of $333,333 in crypto.

Can I start earning with Dyor before the mobile app launches?

Yes, you can start earning with Dyor from the moment you enter the app waitlist. Dyor is giving away a welcome bonus for our first 250,000 sign-ups, and $333,333 in crypto rewards for referrals and giveaways. Our top 1,000 waitlist members will also be rewarded early access to the app.

To move up the waitlist, refer your friends to Dyor using your unique referral link.

To enter giveaways, follow @dyorexchange on Twitter.

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To check your position on the waitlist, visit dyor.exchange/early-access-waitlist and enter your email ID.

Can I earn rewards for providing feedback or suggestions while on the waitlist?

If you are among Dyor’s first beta testers, you can provide feedback on Dyor Decentralized Investment App and earn testing rewards in Dyor tokens.

How many friends can I refer to Dyor App with a single referral link?

There is no upper limit on the number of friends you can refer—Refer as many friends as you like to move up the waitlist and increase your odds to earn rewards! Top waitlist members can earn from a pool of $333,333 in crypto rewards.

Will I be notified when the Dyor Decentralized Investment App launches officially?

Yes, you will be notified via email. To get regular updates, join our Telegram channel or follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Can a user (account) be suspended from the waitlist?

Yes. A user account can be suspended from the waitlist if:

  • Any email to a user results in a hard bounce (i.e. delivery failure because email ID doesn’t exist), this user’s account is suspended automatically from the waitlist;

  • A user resorts to misleading people with misinformation or by exaggerating the giveaway to get more referrals;

  • A user spams the invite links on other project groups without permission.

What happens to the existing referrals and shares of a suspended account?

The unique referral link associated with a suspended account is disabled, and existing shares and referrals are not counted.

What are Dyor Points?

Dyor Points are in-app reward tokens used to reward Dyor’s first users, the early adopters.

How do I redeem my points for Dyor tokens?

Dyor token is set to launch in Q1 2024. After launch, you will be able to swap your Dyor points with Dyor tokens in the app. Detailed guidelines will be shared with you prior to the launch.

How can I stay updated on the latest news and developments on Dyor token?

Learn more about Dyor token. Leading up to the launch, detailed updates will be shared with all waitlist members via email. You can also follow Dyor on Twitter and LinkedIn.