Features for Modern DeFi Investors

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Make better investments, faster

User-Friendly “Swipe” Interface

Think Tinder meets Robinhood. Swipe right to invest, swipe left to skip and swipe up to add to watchlist. Fast. Seamless.

Live Alerts & Real Data

Get real-time price alerts & market news, user-generated information and traction statistics, all in one place to make better investment decisions, faster.

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Start your DeFi journey in seconds

Native Self-Custodial Wallet

Dyor’s native multi-chain wallet is 100% self-custodial. Set it up (or import your existing wallet) in seconds and start investing with 30+ fiat currencies— no KYC required.

One-Click Multichain Investing

Seamlessly access multiple chains using a single wallet – Ethereum, BSC & other EVM compatible chains. No gas or bridging required. Buy using a card & 5 other methods.

Portfolio Management

Manage holdings, send tokens, track P&L & trades with great accuracy, and get notified when the market is on the move.

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Connect, collaborate, learn and earn

Investor Community & Engagement Rewards

Follow, learn from and invest with other investors, and share your research with the community to earn rewards.

Gamified Investment Experience

Compete in trading challenges in-app, achieve portfolio milestones, and earn crypto rewards and recognition.

A Dynamic Ecosystem Token

Earn Dyor tokens through in-app engagement, such as investment, research sharing, challenges, milestones, and more.

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Real Yield

Stake Dyor tokens to earn “real yield” as a portion of platform revenue and access premium features, governance, advanced analytics, reduced fees among other exclusive benefits.

Community Governance

Dyor’s protocol is owned and governed by Dyor token holders. Through a transparent, on-chain governance process, holders of the Dyor token can propose updates, provide feedback.