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2021 Q4

Idea Inception
Business Model Development

2022 Q1

Founder Team Expansion
Capital Bootstrapping
First Company Incorporation

2022 Q2

Trademark Registration
Core Team Expansion

2022 Q3

First Dyor App prototype
Start Pre-seed Round

2022 Q4

Closed 350K Pre-seed Round Funding

2023 Q1

Ongoing Development
Team Expansion

2023 Q2

Opened App Waitlist
Initiated Closed Beta Testing

2023 Q3

Community Growth
Hit 250k Waitlist Sign-ups

2023 Q4

Seed Fundraising Initiation

2024 Q1

Mobile App Launch Preparations
Closed the App Waitlist
Seed Round Investment of $1.3M

2024 Q2

Mobile App Launch on
Android and iOS
Referral Program Launch

2024 Q3

Dyor Token TGE
Social Feature Expansion
Launch of Staking Pools

2024 Q4

Feature Enhancements
Dyor Token Utility Growth

2025 Q1-Q4

More details soon!

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