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Dyor App Updates: BASE Network Integration

By Dyor Exchange
21 Jun 2024
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We just finished the updates for our user base. We are happy to announce the BASE network integration in the latest Dyor app update with the first 50 projects could play around with a catchy copy for this.

You can update your app on Google Play!

Overview of BASE

BASE is an Ethereum Layer 2 (L2) chain that offers a safe, low-cost, developer-friendly way to build on-chain. They aim to create an open financial system that increases economic freedom all around the globe.

Key points:

BASE is making Ethereum accessible to everyone.
BASE is powered by Optimism's OP Stack, making it one of the most secure, scalable EVM L2s out there. The OP Stack is an open-source public good that will serve as the foundation for a “superchain” of L2s that share interoperability, sequencing, and governance.
Empowered by Coinbase, BASE plans to decentralize progressively in the years ahead.

Base’s ambitious plan contains four phases:

Phase 1: Develop the protocol (1M people)

New protocols (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.) were invented and people began to tinker with them. Open source communities developed around each protocol and early adopters began experimenting with how they could be used.

Phase 2: Build a digital currency exchange (10M people)

Coinbase started here. Investment or speculation is a bootstrapping mechanism for a payment network (‌it is the single-player mode of digital currency). Creating safe and easy-to-use exchanges served as a bridge for people to get their local currency into and out of digital currency.

Phase 3: Build a mass market interface for digital currency apps (100M people)

Users and businesses needed an easy interface to start using digital currency and its applications. Countless applications have been built to let anyone, anywhere, access the nascent crypto economy, including Coinbase, Coinbase Wallet, Metamask, Rainbow, Trust Wallet, and others.

Phase 4: Build the on-chain apps of an open financial system (1B+ people)

USDC has brought billions of dollars on-chain, cbETH enables holders anywhere to secure the financial system while earning rewards, and hundreds of on-chain apps are enabling countless individuals and institutions to transact with lower fees, more security, and unparalleled access.

Reasons for supporting BASE

Dyor’s app community requested us to support the BASE ecosystem. A recent trend in new tokens and projects launching on the BASE ecosystem is quite promising. Below are some of the most trending crypto projects in the BASE ecosystem:

1. SeamlessFi (SEAM).
2. Base God (TYBG).
3. Aerodrome Finance (AERO).
4. Brett (BRETT).
5. bloo foster coin (BLOO).
7. DeFido (DEFIDO).
8. Normie (NORMIE).
9. Echelon Prime (PRIME).
10. Mochi (MOCHI).

BASE ecosystem’s trading volume keeps increasing and right now it is in the top 5.

Future plans

Dyor will take part in the Onchain Summer. That is a fascinating all-summer-long event with Coinbase, Base, and the entire on-chain community celebrating and showcasing on-chain music, art, food, gaming, and more.

More details on our initiatives will be communicated soon!


The Base Network is playing a vital role in expanding the Ethereum ecosystem and the broader crypto economy by offering a scalable, user-friendly platform for DApp development and deployment. Its commitment to open-source principles and a seamless user experience makes the BASE ecosystem a significant contributor to the next wave of on-chain innovation.

Dyor app team is looking forward to a successful cooperation with The Base Network!

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