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Dyor - Listing on the Magic Store

By Dyor Exchange
25 Jun 2024
3 min read

Dyor is super excited to list on Magic Square!

Magic Square is the first platform in the world to allow users to obtain community-vetted crypto apps from a single hub. Being the first Web3 platform that offers a DAO-governed marketplace for cryptocurrency applications, Magic Square relies on its community of users and developers to create the best apps.

Dyor listing in the Magic Square store allows us to promote the Dyor crypto app to a wide community of users and grow our project more efficiently.

About Magic Square

Magic Square is a Web3 discovery and engagement platform. The platform connects users to the Web3 crypto and blockchain ecosystem, where they can access and utilize crypto-based applications that the community has endorsed.

Magic Square has partnered with such well-known industry leaders as Binance, Republic,, Cardano, DAO Maker, Huobi,, GSR, IQ Protocol, and others.

The Magic Square ecosystem is powered by the SQR token. SQR token allows users, developers, and validators to seamlessly integrate into the Magic Square ecosystem. SQR can be utilized for several ecosystem services as governance, user access packages, app advertising, and app referral bonuses.

The Magic Store is an app store for decentralized cryptocurrency applications that are run by its community. With the Magic Store, users can manage their favorite applications from a single location. They can download their apps, access them with a single click, and use them across several devices without having to go through time-consuming registration procedures.

Users are rewarded with Karma Points for their engagement with the apps and games in the Magic Store. Karma Points can be converted to The Magic Square’s utility token, $SQR.

How can you participate in voting?

Dyor project has advanced to the Community-Validation Step in the Magic Store process. See the details below on how you can vote for our project!

The community validation process starts on June 24th and ends on July 8th. Dyor needs to achieve 60% "YES" votes to earn a "Validated" Badge on the Magic Store.

We encourage our community to participate in the voting process! Besides, when you take part in Project Validation on the Magic Store, you earn 25 Karma points for each successful vote.

You are welcome to become a Qualified Validator:

1. Open a Magic Store account,
2. Connect an EVM Wallet to Your Magic Store Account. Make sure an EVM-compatible wallet is properly connected to your Magic Store account.
3. Verify Your Email Address. Make sure that your email address is verified and associated with your Magic Store account.
4. Choose a username. Ensure you have set and saved a username for your Magic Store account.

After those steps are done, you can access the voting via our Project Page or through the Profile Settings -> "Vote on Projects" button.

The Magic store provides users with a fun and engaging platform to explore the exciting world of Web3.

Join now to participate in the voting process!

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