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Partnership Announcement: Bit Rivals

By Dyor Exchange
13 Jun 2024
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Dyor Exchange is excited to announce that we are officially partnered with Bit Rivals - a place where gaming meets earning! Bit Rivals invites players to enjoy gaming through their innovative AI-powered platform, seamlessly merging AAA games and the Blockchain.

Bit Rivals combines the best of both exciting worlds: gaming and cryptocurrency by providing users with a feature-packed ecosystem powered by the $RIVAL token. Dyor Exchange aims to list the Bit Rivals project on the Dyor app after its token launch.

Key Highlights:

Bit Rivals is a first-of-its-kind platform. This AI-powered, cross-chain game analytics and rewards platform allows users to earn real-world rewards and crypto simply by playing their favorite games.
Bit Rivals have raised $1.35 M in: IDO, Private. At the moment, their Pre-Valuation is $10 M.

Key Features:

Cross-Platform Gaming: Bit Rivals seamlessly integrates with players' gaming setup, ensuring their skills are rewarded across any device.
Engage & Compete: Bit Rivals revolutionary platform redefines competition with seamless 1v1 challenges and tournaments, offering many different ways to gamble in the Bit Rivals universe. The Bit Rivals ecosystem consists of five main zones. Players can enter with wagers and compete with other players in tournaments verified and resolved through connected in-game APIs.
Rewarding AAA Gameplay: Bit Rivals encourages gamblers to play their favorite games and get rewarded for their achievements.
Affiliate Marketing and Integration: Bit Rivals designed their marketplace to be able to integrate with the biggest merchandising brands in gaming. They provide a platform where players can be rewarded with discounts and free merchandise from Bit Rivals partners.
Empowering Game Creators: Bit Rivals goal is to help indie and Web3 games amplify their reach through seamless integration with production-ready APIs and SDKs to reach a broader audience.

Unique Value Proposition

Bit Rivals is a team of professionals with many years of collective experience in design, UI/UX, blockchain technologies, web development, marketing, social media, videography, game development, and more. They offer its users:

Unified Game Hub: Bit Rivals games portfolio includes the latest Web3 adventures, indie games, and AAA blockbusters.
Native Quest System: Bit Rivals partners with gaming projects and Web3 games through their unique Quest system to provide verified social growth for projects and DaU for their games via the use of partner APIs.
Bespoke Data Analytics: Bit Rivals is the first platform to connect APIs for AAA, indie, and Web3 games. They have unique insight into the intersection of player bases and can collect data on player habits, retention, engagement, etc. regardless of titles, allowing them to provide holistic market data to advertisers and game developers.
Game Incubation and Acceleration: Bit Rivals apply the next generation of indie developers to approach a Web3 market. Bit Rivals launchpad and ventures model is unique–they want to scout quality indie games, help them develop blockchain integration, and introduce them to their network.
Ultimate Gaming Profile: Bit Rivals welcomes users to join their AI-powered, cross-chain platform where their gaming achievements across any title contribute to a single, dynamic profile.


The $RIVAL token powers the Bit Rivals platform, imparting genuine utility to their ecosystem and establishing mechanisms for automated rewards. With a reasonable total supply of 1,000,000,000 $RIVAL, Bit Rivals is making sure that your token will carry lasting value.

The $RIVAL Token will be used as the main subscription currency for premium features on the Bit Rivals platform. Players will be able to:

Unlock double points on all quests for partner games and merchandising brands
Increase daily earning cap for Rival Points;
Unlock daily bounties and quests for each game;
Access exclusive raffles and prize draws;
Decrease fees for tournaments and challenges;
Upgrade cosmetics for the player account;
Use advanced data analytics features to analyze game performance;
Get early access to NFT sales and unique sale events.
The $RIVAL token is powered by the Binance Smart Chain using the latest developments in smart contracts to bring you the best value for your investment.


Bit Rivals Roadmap contains four phases, at the moment phase one is complete. Take a look at their website to see all the steps.

We are excited to get an innovative Bit Rivals company on board to list on Dyor Exchange. We will update you once their token launches and any subsequent activations with their community.

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