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Uniting Strengths: Introducing Dyor Exchange’s Partnerships

By Anastasia
21 Feb 2024
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At Dyor Exchange, we believe that partnerships are at the core of innovation and growth. They're not just beneficial - they're essential, opening doors to new possibilities and perspectives. By joining forces with industry leaders, we tap into a wellspring of expertise, technology, and market insights, propelling us forward into uncharted territories. These strategic alliances enable us to offer you, our valued community, a richer, more seamless trading experience. Let’s take a look at some of our partnerships which are playing an important role in both the integration of our platform and marketing.


Cross-chain Unizen operates in line with reputable blockchains, including Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Arbitrum, and more. Their focus lies on liquidity aggregation to ensure that traders have the best options across various ecosystems.

The integration of Unizen's functionalities with the Dyor app promises numerous benefits, offering our users access to a wider spectrum of DeFi products and services for improved liquidity and trading opportunities. This partnership aims to provide a more efficient and competitive trading environment, improving rates and transaction speeds, underscoring our commitment to a seamless end-to-end user experience in the complex world of decentralized finance.


Fintech company Moonpay offers enhanced capabilities for simplifying the buying and selling of digital currencies through payment solutions that bridge traditional finance with digital currencies.

Working alongside Moonpay will enhance user experience through a seamless fiat-to-crypto gateway, enabling users to make transactions quicker and more conveniently. By integrating with MoonPay's services, the Dyor Exchange platform massively reduces the barriers to entry for users into the cryptocurrency market, making it easier for them to trade and invest. With our main mission being that of making Web3 investing more accessible and simple for all - this collaboration is doing just that.


Commonwealth democratizes access for investors to participate in private sale crypto deals alongside venture capitalists, offering a platform with early-stage deal flow, liquidity options, and a mobile-first design for holistic investment into the world of Web3.

As one of the first projects in their ecosystem, this partnership enables access to exclusive investment opportunities and streamlines the Web3 investment process.

Kaizen Finance

Kaizen Finance specializes in services related to blockchain, including the auditing of smart contracts. They ensure the safety and reliability of blockchain applications by inspecting and verifying smart contract codes against possible vulnerabilities.

This partnership introduces an essential layer of security and trust to the Dyor Exchange ecosystem. With Kaizen Finance's smart contract auditing services, we can assure our users that the underlying smart contracts are safe and solid, enhancing users' confidence in the platform's safety and reliability.


Their expertise in leading projects to success in the digital asset space makes them an invaluable partner to us. Through this partnership, Dyor Exchange will have the opportunity to leverage MetaLaunchers' variety of services, including strategic advisory, marketing, and community management. This collaboration will enable us to better engage with our community, expand our reach, and execute marketing strategies that resonate with our target audience.

Inferno Labs

Inferno Labs is a boutique agency offering full-stack digital marketing and growth hacking services, concentrating on truly innovative solutions for user acquisition and engagement for blockchain projects. Together with Inferno Labs, we are further looking to boost our marketing strategies.


DVerse is one of the leading PR agencies in the blockchain domain and has a footprint in offerings of services that pertain to advisory, strategy, PR & communications, and NFT marketing. They have a respected history of working with people from media and creative marketing campaigns that raise the interaction and confidence of the community towards the projects.

Partnering with DVerse gives us access to the best expertise in the field of blockchain PR and marketing, which increases the visibility of the project and its trustworthiness within the crypto space. DVerse brings a strategic approach that can facilitate us to achieve and capture a larger set of target audiences through exhilarating campaigns and communication strategies.

Marilyn PR

Marilyn PR is a communications agency laser-focused on public relations and marketing services for blockchain and fintech projects. They are interested in building compelling stories and engaging content strategies that will increase visibility of the brand and allow projects to reach their ideal targeted audience.

Through this association, Marilyn PR will leverage its strategic community management experience to improve the brand presence of Dyor Exchange within the digital assets space, with their primary focus being on Telegram and Discord management. The deal aims to boost communications efforts for our platform in ensuring that the innovations and offerings are well communicated.


CryptoPanic is a news aggregator service directed to traders and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. It's the one-stop solution for real-time news updates and market impact analysis. In the context of our platform, this would mean integrating the extensive news feed of CryptoPanic so that our users will be in a position to keep up to date with news on cryptocurrencies and market trends in real-time. This is a mere feature that enriches the Dyor Exchange platform in such a way that it enhances decision-making by offering timely information, making investments easier than ever.

These partnerships are pivotal to our mission of innovating and growing within the DeFi space. These collaborations not only enhance our platform's functionality and security but also expand our marketing capabilities, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of providing a seamless and enriched trading experience for our community. Each partnership brings its own unique value, collectively contributing to a more accessible, secure, and dynamic investing environment for all. Stay tuned for other partnerships soon to come!

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