DYOR Giveaway
Terms and Conditions

Last updated on: 12.06.23

These DYOR giveaway terms and conditions (hereinafter - “Giveaway Terms”) shall apply to all giveaway (sweepstakes) campaigns organised by us, DYOR, through such social media platforms, including, but not limited to, Twitter, Telegram and Discord (hereinafter - “Giveaway” or “Giveaways”).

By participating in the Giveaways, participants agree to be governed by these Giveaway Terms, as defined by the organiser - DYOR Labs Ltd., a limited liability company incorporated in Gibraltar with company number 122170 (hereinafter - “DYOR” (also “We”, “Us”, and similar)), and to accept and comply with these Giveaway Terms. By participating in any of the Giveaways you also agree to accept and comply with the current versions of the general DYOR Terms of Use and the DYOR Privacy Policy as published in the DYOR.exchange website, and any other applicable conditions communicated from time to time by DYOR. You should read the entire Giveaway Terms before participating in any Giveaways.

Important notice: We reserve our right to change, cancel, suspend, or modify any aspect of any of the Giveaways or the Giveaway Terms at any time and at our sole and absolute discretion. You agree it is your responsibility to follow and review any such changes. We will notify you of any changes via the DYOR webpage or any other public communication channels, including social media platform accounts of DYOR, becoming effective on the day of their publication. It shall be considered that you agree with the changed Giveaway Terms if you continue to participate in the Giveaways after the changes become effective.

1. Eligibility

The Giveaways are open to participants who meet the following criteria:

  • Are at least 18 years old (or the legal age in the jurisdiction in which you reside necessary for you to have the legal capacity to enter into these Giveaway Terms and be bound by them, whichever is older); and
  • Are not a resident or citizen of Iran, Iraq, Libya, Belarus, Cuba, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, North Korea, Syria, Myanmar (Burma), Somalia, Sudan, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, the regions of Crimea, Donetsk or Luhansk, the United States of America or any other country or region that is the subject of comprehensive country-wide or region-wide economic sanctions by the United States of America, the United Kingdom, the European Union or the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO); and
  • Are not the subject of economic or trade sanctions administered or enforced by any governmental authority or international organisation, or otherwise designated on any list of prohibited or restricted parties (including the list maintained by the Office of Foreign Assets Control of the U.S. Department of the Treasury, sanctions list of the European Union or NATO); and
  • Are not employees, partners or advisors of DYOR or their affiliates, nor members of their immediate families or households.

2. Entry

To enter a Giveaway, participants must follow the instructions outlined in the relevant Giveaway post of DYOR on any of its social media platforms. Entry requirements may include liking and sharing posts of DYOR, following the DYOR account or other accounts, or tagging friends. Entries that are Incomplete, inaccurate, or submitted after the deadline will be disqualified and DYOR takes no responsibility for any entries which are lost, delayed, illegible, corrupted, damaged, incomplete or otherwise invalid.

The participants are not required to make any purchases in order to participate in the Giveaways.

Entries are limited to 1 (one) entry per person.

3. Duration

The duration of each Giveaway contest shall be published by DYOR in the relevant Giveaway post on any of DYOR social media platforms. Only entries submitted before the deadline will be considered in the Giveaway.

4. Prizes

Winner or winners of each Giveaway will receive a prize or the prizes, as described by DYOR in the relevant Giveaway post on any of DYOR social media platforms. The relevant Giveaway post shall also indicate the approximate values of the prizes, as well as the number of winners and the distribution of prizes amongst them. The prizes are non-negotiable, non-transferable and non-refundable, and there will be no cash alternatives to them. DYOR reserves the right to substitute the prize with a product or service of equal value at its own discretion.

5. Winner Selection

The winner of each Giveaway will be selected by DYOR randomly from all eligible entries received before the Giveaway deadline. The Giveaway winner will be notified via email message or by a direct message within the relevant social media platform, where the relevant Giveaway was announced, within 5 (five) business days after the deadline. If the winner does not respond within 5 (five) business days as of the message being sent by DYOR, another winner will be selected. The draw will be made electronically using a random number generator.

6. Publicity

By participating in any of the Giveaways, the winner agrees to allow DYOR to use their social media usernames and/or name for promotional and advertising purposes without compensation.

7. General

DYOR may, in its sole and absolute discretion, terminate, restrict, or suspend any participant’s participation in any of the Giveaways for breach of these Giveaway Terms, or if we find that your method of or intentions for participating in the Giveaways do not meet the conditions and purpose as defined in the Giveaway Terms, or if we suspect any fraud or any manipulation of the Giveaway rules or abuse of Giveaways/campaigns. DYOR, therefore, reserves the right to suspend also the relevant participant’s user accounts in the DYOR decentralised exchange platform, to deactivate the participant’s participation in the waitlist as well as to deactivate the participant’s referral link, deduct any referral rewards from the participant’s user or waitlist account, or decline being awarded, in the event that it determines or believes that the participant was engaged in a fraudulent activities, in manipulation or is/was in violation of the Giveaway Terms, if the participant’s country of nationality is excluded from the countries where we enable the Giveaway.

DYOR is not responsible for any injury, loss, or damage to any participants or their property related to their participation in any of the Giveaways or campaigns organised by DYOR. Participants agree to release and hold harmless DYOR and its affiliates from any liability, injury, loss, or damage resulting from participation in any of the Giveaways or campaigns organised by DYOR or acceptance, use, or misuse of any prizes or rewards received in them.

The personal data of participants are collected and processed by DYOR according to the Privacy Policy (in the current version published in the DYOR.exchange homepage).

You are solely responsible for reporting and paying any taxes applicable to you with regard to the receipt of any prizes as part of any of the Giveaways.

The terms for Applicable Law, Dispute resolution, arbitration and class action waiver, Liability of DYOR, Limitations of Liability of DYOR, Exclusion of consequential and related damages of DYOR, as well as Indemnification of DYOR, as provided for in the general DYOR Terms of Use (in the current version published in the DYOR.exchange homepage) shall to the largest extent possible mutatis mutandis govern these Giveaway Terms and be applicable to these Giveaway Terms.

For any further information on the terms and conditions of use of DYOR services, please refer to the DYOR Terms of Use or contact us via email: hello@dyor.exchange.

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